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Koh Yao Homestay 

Children on Koh Yao, Phang Na Province, Southern Thailand , © Koh Yao Travel

All over Thailand community-run tourism projects are springing up.  They allow communities to get more directly involved in managing tourism and to have a financial stake in the business, rather than simply working for businesses that come in from outside.

Villagers in Koh Yao Noi island in PhangNa Bay responded to the growing number of visitors by setting up their own homestay programme.  Vititors stay with a family and get a tour of the island and a day with a fishing boat visiting more remote islands that would be inaccessible to tourists.

Homestay certification The Tourism Authority of Thailand has introduced a scheme certifying standards in homestay accommodation (similar to bed and breakfast) run by villages and community organisations. Standards cover areas such as accommodation, food, safety, project management and the environment.

Participating projects, which are assesed every two years, offer a wide range of exepriences including demonstrations of ikat and mudmee textile weaving, temple visits, merit-making ceremonies, rolling incense sticks, planting rice and lots more!

List of Tourism Authority of Thailand certified homestay projects


Green Fins dive scheme protects coral

Diving in Thailand is big business. There are thousands of operators, hundreds of thousands of tourists and a fragile eco-system that needs protection if it is going to survive. A number of organisations are working to support marine life in Thailand including Green Fins which protects and conserves coral reefs by encouraging the dive operators to sign up to environmentally-friendly guidelines. If you are planning a dive holiday to Thailand look for one of the operators listed on th Green Fins web site or displaying the logo.


dusky langurs?

Dusky Langur

Khao Sam Roi Yot is considered one of the best places in the world to see the enigmatic Dusky Langur.
Easily accessible from the southern town of Hua Hin, Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park was Thailand's first coastal national park.  Dusky Langurs are often seen near the park headquarters and in the surrounding woodland that covers the limestone cliffs and mountains.

Look out for our in depth pages on Khao Sam Roi Yot coming soon!



Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute The CBTI provides support and facilitates co-operation among stakeholders from grassroots to international levels, in order to strengthen the capacity of Thai communities to manage tourism sustainably.

Wild Watch Thailand runs small wildlife tours from Kanchanaburi into Erewan National Park and beyond.

Friends of the Asian Elephant: established by Soraida Salwala to support the welfare and conservation of Asian elephants, whether working or in the wild.

Naturetrails arranges popular birdwatching holidays into Thailand's protected wildlife areas. One of its leading guides, Kamol Komolphalin, is also a well-known wildlife artisit (see feature below).

Bird Conservation Society of Thailand: As the Thai partner of BirdLife International, BCST serves as a conservation, advocacy and research body for birds in Thailand

Andaman Discoveries: supports community-led development by acting as bridge to respectful visitors and volunteers through sponsorship of education, conservation, and cultural empowerment.

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