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14 Nov -
The floods across Thailand in recent weeks have damaged rice crops and there are fears that the price of Thai rice will rise as a result.  

Thailand is the world's largest exporter of rice and its Thai Hom Malee (fragrant rice) is regarded as the global price benchmark. (China and India produce much more rice but most of it is for domestic consumption).

The Thai government has committed to providing subsidies for rice farmers to help them through the uncertain period following the floods.    But at a recent international rice convention in Vietnam delegates were cautious about future prices.  Thailand has huge stocks  - more than enough to meet domestic and export demand this year, said Prasit Boonchuey, president of the Thai Farmers Asociation.  But, other factors such as the changes in global currency values and quantative easing in the US may have a greater impact on prices than shortages caused by flooding.    Overall, we shouldn't be paying over the odds for a sack of rice in your local Thai grocery store in the coming months.  

Amazing fruit and vegetable carving carnation102    
From this...                                            to this...!

The fine art of fruit and vegetable carving which originated hundreds of years ago in Thailand at the Royal Court, and has been passed down over the generations.  Today it is taught in Thai schools, at a more advanced level in Thai catering colleges, and then put in to practice in hotels and conference centres in Thailand and around the world.

Thai Carving is a great website - it gives you simple instructions on how to make flowers and leaves plus the opportunity to buy some top carving.

Learn to cook Thai

LINCOLN: Kampien Giles has recently started a business venture giving Thai cooking lessons in Lincoln and surrounding areas (East Midlands) Lesson run 7 days/week More>> >

SUFFOLK: Oi Cheepchaiissara, author of the best-selling cookery books The Food of Thailand and A Little Taste of Thailand, is now running one-day Thai cooking classes in Framlingham. More>>>

EDINBURGH: The Krua Thai Cookery School offers short, intensive and flexible courses for professionals and non-professionals. More>>>

W. MIDLANDS: Nong's Thai cookery school in south Birmingham: offers tailored lessons in your own home. More>>>

S.W. LONDON: Paya Thai Cookery School run classes in New Malden in S.W. London for individuals or small private groups. More>>>

N. LONDON: Lamai Authentic Thai Cookery School holds classes in professional kitchens in SE1, NW5, and Crouch End. More>>>

Are you running a Thai cooking course? Let us know and we'll add you to the list! Contacts us at Online Thai superstore with wide range of products from Thailand including food, Thai cookware, Thai silks, recipe packs etc. Delivery in the UK.

Thai Food Online: The largest selection of authentic branded Thai food and fresh Thai ingredients available in the UK. Delivery to everywhere in the UK and EU.

Siam Supper is based in Hampshire and offers Thai meals cooked in your own home. Choose from three fixed menus or à la carte has a large range Thai products including instant dishes, curry pastes, seasoning mixes, sauces, noodles, vegetables, herbs, fruit and drinks.


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